My Webseries

Okay, so some years ago while I was perusing, I stumbled upon a script with an enticing description, but noticed that it was only about 40 pages or so long.  After clicking on the link, I found out that it was a script written for a television show that I’d never heard of.  I did a little online sleuthing, and apparently what I had just stumbled upon was an episode written for a show which did not exist.

No, this isn’t one of those “is zero a number?” things.  This was a lucid, entertaining script of an episode for a show which had spanned five seasons completely in cyberspace.  It was, as I later found out, a “virtual series.”  This was a show which had been scripted, cast and executed without ever having actually been filmed.  Despite its (relative) nonexistence, I liked the characters, I thought most of the plots were fun and easy to follow, and I actually found myself anxiously awaiting the next “episode” to be written and posted.  It was sort of like “Dawson’s Creek” if it had aired on Nickelodeon.

Like I said in my previous posts, I would always try superimpose my own ideas into whatever I saw and read.  I’m currently endeavoring to create my own fully functional series that could span one season.  It sounds totally cliched, but this idea seriously came to me in a dream one night.

I’m calling it “Players of Oridos,” and here’s what I’ve got so far:

While testing out some new virtual reality technology, five teenagers are mysteriously transported into a video game.  Now, the only way to get back home is to master their strange new powers and work together to stop the deadly Entropy Virus from destroying both their world and our own!

I’m currently commissioning an artist to draw up the characters as a visual reference, and I’m going to post the series in one to two episodes at a time.