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Hear me mortals, for the Coinmaster speaks.

Seriously though, the social compensation hypothesis notwithstanding I do have a few announcements regarding some of my more creative works.

So first of all, I’m almost finished with the first “episode” of my web series.  Strangely enough, writing the general plot wasn’t the issue; the biggest challenge I had was nailing down how each character’s personality would resonate with the others and their environment.  Once I figured that out, the episode sort of began to write itself.  I think I’ll be commissioning an artist to draw up visual references for the characters so as to give them more of an identity on the online spectrum.

I’ve also made something of a breakthrough with my voice acting.  I had recorded some demos and was ready to post them, but then I began teaching some audio production classes and became more intimately familiar with various sound editing software.  I think I’m going to put each one through some digital rendering to remove any lingering imperfections and probably sync each one to a visual rendition of the character I would imagine possessing that particular voice.  The character I’m working on right now is a super-intelligent albino rat whose prodigious intellect has left him with an existential nihilistic outlook that almost borders on the Joker’s “super sanity.”  I should have something up and ready within a week or so.

I might just also post a review of a B Movie just for the lolz!

The Coinmaster has spoken.

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